Who is Drew Lachey Wife? Discover the Romance Behind the 98 Degrees Star

Drew Lachey Wife

Drew Lachey, renowned for his association with the acclaimed boy band 98 Degrees, has been blissfully wedded to Lea Dellecave for over two decades. This enduring romance stands as a testimony to their unwavering devotion to one another and their kin. As of October 2023, a newfound revelation surfaced: Taylor Swift’s bold step to reclaim her music stirred 98 Degrees, motivating them to re-record their masters.

  1. Summary of drew lachey wife
  2. Drew Lachey’s Personal Life
  3. Family Life
  4. Private Wedding Ceremony
  5. Drew Lachey’s Career
  6. Impact of Taylor Swift’s Inspiration
  7. Conclusion

Drew Lachey’s prominence escalated as a member of 98 Degrees, and recent developments have him and his bandmates profoundly influenced by Taylor Swift’s move to control her musical legacy. This announcement has rekindled attention towards Drew, and more specifically, towards the love of his life, his wife, “drew lachey wife” Lea Dellecave.

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Summary of drew lachey wife

Full NameLea Dellecave
RelationWife of Drew Lachey
ProfessionChoreographer for 98 Degrees
Key Life EventMarried Drew Lachey on October 14, 2000
ChildrenIsabella Claire (born March 23, 2006) and Hudson (born May 15, 2010)

Drew Lachey’s Personal Life

Drew and Lea’s relationship is the kind of love story many dream of. Childhood friends transitioning into high school sweethearts, their bond was only strengthened amidst Drew’s rising stardom. A significant facet of their story is Lea’s professional involvement with 98 Degrees, where her impeccable choreography skills were showcased.

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Family Life

Los Angeles witnessed a momentous occasion on March 23, 2006: the birth of Drew and Lea’s daughter, Isabella Claire. Their family circle expanded with the arrival of a son, Hudson, in 2010. Choosing Cincinnati, Ohio, as their residence, Drew and Lea are staunch believers in giving their children a taste of the wholesome Midwestern lifestyle.

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Private Wedding Ceremony

In the hustle and bustle of Hollywood, many celebrities opt for grandeur. However, Drew and Lea opted for intimacy. On October 14, 2000, they exchanged vows in a serene, private setting, ensuring the occasion was about their love, devoid of any Hollywood extravagance.

Drew Lachey’s Career

From hosting to setting the stage on fire with his dance moves, Drew Lachey’s multifaceted career has always been in the limelight. His accolades don’t just end with 98 Degrees. Drew has donned the crown of the Dancing with the Stars champion and even temporarily played host on the show.

Impact of Taylor Swift’s Inspiration

October 9, 2023, marked a pivotal moment. Drew, along with his 98 Degrees bandmates, publicly acknowledged Taylor Swift’s resolute spirit in controlling her music as their inspiration. Now, they too are on a journey, revisiting their songs, re-recording their masters, eager to reintroduce their melodies to fans old and new.


Drew Lachey and his wife, Lea’s tale is one of love, persistence, and dedication, spanning over 20 fruitful years. While Drew continues to inspire many through his diverse career, the influence Taylor Swift has cast on 98 Degrees is undeniably profound. It’s a beautiful reminder of artists supporting artists in the music industry.


  1. Who is Drew Lachey married to?
    Drew Lachey is married to Lea Dellecave.
  2. When did Drew and Lea get married?
    They tied the knot on October 14, 2000.
  3. How many children do Drew and Lea have?
    They have two children: a daughter, Isabella Claire, and a son, Hudson.
  4. What recent event connected 98 Degrees to Taylor Swift?
    In October 2023, 98 Degrees revealed that Taylor Swift inspired them to re-record their masters.

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