Website eligibility criteria for Google AdSense 2024

Website eligibility criteria for Google AdSense 2024 can sign up for AdSense if you’re at least 18 years old and have original material that follows to our regulations.You must be eligible for the AdSense Program in order to participate. Here are a few things to go through before creating an AdSense account.

Website Eligibility Criteria For Google Adsense 2024
Website Eligibility Criteria For Google Adsense 2024

Make sure your site is Ready?

With so many websites currently available, you’ll want to provide distinctive, creative, and pertinent material that keeps visitors interested and compels them to read more.Think about how the text, photos, and other elements are arranged on your pages. Visitors should have no trouble navigating your layout and finding what they’re looking for.
Consider about allowing people to leave comments on your website. You can greatly improve your site as it develops with input from those who have visited and read your material.

Do your pages have a simple, clear navigation system?

Website Eligibility Criteria For Google Adsense 2024
Website Eligibility Criteria For Google Adsense 2024
To provide a positive user experience, a navigation bar (or menu bar) must be accessible and simple to use. When creating your navigation bar, take into account:
1.Are all of the components properly aligned?
2.Readability: How simple is the text to read?
3.Do your drop-down lists function properly in terms of functionality?

For Examples;

Your navigation bar for a travel website may resemble this:
-> Home Page -> Travel -> Reviews > Gallery > What we do
Your navigation menu for a website on computer programming may look like this:
>> Home >> C++ >> Php <> Beginning JavaScript users > What we do

Do your pages include original and engaging content?

A solid and devoted user base must be built via the creation of valuable and creative content. When consumers find your material enjoyable, they spread the word about it, which aids in site growth. Visit this page on the AdSense blog for tips and guidance.
When using external resources, such as articles on other websites or embedded videos, you should use caution. It’s crucial that you provide your own unique material, whether it be specialized information, suggestions for development, reviews, or your own opinions.

AdSense eligibility criteria

1.There must be at least 16+ original and engaging pieces of content on your website.
2.Your website’s domain must be at the top level, such,.net, (List of top-level domains).
3.Your website must be older than six months.
4.Your post should be at least 1,500 words long and connected to the topic of your blog.
5.Posting of articles must be consistent and routine.