Is Ross Lynch Single in 2023? Dive into the Disney Star Relationship Updates

Is Ross Lynch Single

Ross Lynch, recognized prominently as the 27-year-old sensation for his charismatic role as Austin Moon in the celebrated Disney Channel series, “Austin & Ally”, is quite the buzz among fans. The versatile actor, also known for cinematic ventures like the Teen Beach Movie and Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, has admirers incessantly inquiring: is Ross Lynch single? The answer as of October 2023 seems to be leaning towards “yes”. Delve into the intricate details of his romantic life below.

  1. Summary of is ross lynch single
  2. Ross Lynch’s Relationship History
  3. Ross Lynch and Jaz Sinclair’s Relationship
  4. Ross Lynch’s Dating History in the Entertainment Industry
  5. Conclusion

Hailing from the illustrious corridors of Disney, Ross Lynch has become a household name, synonymous with heart-throb roles and melodious tunes. But when the spotlights dim and the sets turn quiet, fans are invariably curious about one thing: is Ross Lynch single?

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Summary of is ross lynch single

December 2018Ross Lynch and Jaz Sinclair initiate their relationship.
June 2023Fan speculations arise about Ross Lynch and Jaz Sinclair’s potential breakup.
October 2023Clues suggest Ross Lynch and Jaz Sinclair have parted ways.

Ross Lynch’s Relationship History

From movie sets to real-life romantic scenes, Ross has had his share of heartbeats racing. In 2015, the glimmer of romance was evident when he began dating the Australian actress, Courtney Eaton. However, by 2017, their love story reached its epilogue.

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Then, 2018 witnessed another blossoming relationship for Ross. Jaz Sinclair, his co-star from Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, became the name associated with his. Their love life was painted with private moments, yet glimpses were often shared on their social media, sending fans into delightful frenzies.

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However, by June 2023, the absence of such shared moments and public appearances birthed speculations. Were Lynch and Sinclair parting ways?

Ross Lynch and Jaz Sinclair’s Relationship

The once sizzling duo of Lynch and Sinclair seems to have hit a cool patch. While no official word on their breakup has surfaced, the signs are undeniably there. A telling moment was Ross Lynch’s poignant mention of heartbreak during a live performance with his band, The Driver Era, in June 2023.

Jaz Sinclair’s subsequent social media actions — unfollowing Lynch and removing their shared memories — only added fuel to the breakup rumors.

Ross Lynch’s Dating History in the Entertainment Industry

It’s no secret that Ross Lynch has a penchant for forging relationships within the entertainment domain. Apart from Jaz Sinclair and Courtney Eaton, murmurs of his association with Morgan Larson have also echoed in the corridors of Hollywood. However, the nature of their relationship remains cloaked in ambiguity.


Piecing together the shards of information available, the landscape of Ross Lynch’s love life in October 2023 seems solitary. While the whispers of past romances linger, the present silence is quite telling. Yet, in the ever-evolving world of entertainment, one can never be certain.

For now, though, fans might have to make peace with the possibility that Ross Lynch is indeed single. As always, eyes and ears remain open for any heart-fluttering updates!


1. Who is Ross Lynch?
He’s a 27-year-old actor and singer, renowned for his role in Disney’s Austin & Ally.

2. Was Ross in a relationship with Jaz Sinclair?
Yes, they began dating in 2018, but there are hints of their separation in 2023.

3. Who else has Ross dated from the entertainment industry?
He’s been associated with Courtney Eaton and there have been rumors about him and Morgan Larson.

4. Is Ross Lynch single as of October 2023?
Based on the available information, it appears so.

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