Dillon Danis Arrested Unexpected Twist in KSI vs Tommy Fury and Logan Paul Undercard

Dillon Danis Arrested

Dillon Danis, the American mixed martial artist, found himself in the limelight again, not for his MMA prowess, but for his arrest just days before the KSI vs Tommy Fury and Logan Paul undercard. The arrest took place outside a bar in Seaside Heights, N.J., on September 18, 2023.

  1. Summary of dillon danis arrested
  2. The Cancellation of a ‘Surprise Fight’
  3. Dillon Danis Pulled from KSI vs Tommy Fury Undercard
  4. Related Articles and Incidents
  5. Misfits Boxing Suffers a Blow
  6. Logan Paul vs Dillon Danis Co-Main Event
  7. Dillon Danis’ Previous Arrest
  8. Details of the Recent Arrest
  9. Connection to Conor McGregor
  10. Chance’s Involvement
  11. Legal Proceedings
  12. Dillon Danis’s Background
  13. Clearing Misconceptions
  14. ‘Revenge Porn’ Lawsuit
  15. Conclusion

This sudden turn of events sent shockwaves through the boxing and MMA community, as fans eagerly awaited the much-anticipated undercard match.

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Summary of dillon danis arrested

Event ImpactedKSI vs Tommy Fury and Logan Paul undercard
Date of ArrestSeptember 18, 2023
Location of ArrestBar in Seaside Heights, N.J.
Previous ArrestTwo years ago, for disorderly conduct outside a bar
Connection to Popular MMA FighterClose friend and training partner of Conor McGregor
Recent Controversy‘Revenge porn’ lawsuit & choking out OnlyFans star Elle Brooke

The Cancellation of a ‘Surprise Fight’

The combat sports community was buzzing with the news of a ‘surprise fight’ being added to the undercard prelim. However, this excitement was short-lived due to the arrest of Dillon Danis. Michael Benson, a notable figure in the sports writing world, reported on this unexpected twist.

Following this incident, the eagerly awaited ‘surprise fight’ was canceled, leaving fans and promoters disappointed.

Dillon Danis Pulled from KSI vs Tommy Fury Undercard

With the arrest, the undercard faced another significant setback. Dillon Danis was removed from the event, altering the dynamics of the much-anticipated fight night.

This change undoubtedly impacted the audience’s expectations and the event’s overall momentum, given Danis’s popularity.

Related Articles and Incidents

In a related twist, Conor McGregor and Jake Paul were set for an awkward encounter at the KSI vs Tommy Fury fight. Furthermore, an incident involving Danis choking out OnlyFans star Elle Brooke added more fuel to the fire of controversies surrounding the fighter.

Misfits Boxing Suffers a Blow

The promotional group, Misfits Boxing, was undoubtedly hit hard by this development. They had to re-strategize their approach for the Tommy Fury vs KSI undercard in light of Danis’s arrest.

Logan Paul vs Dillon Danis Co-Main Event

Fans were keenly awaiting Logan Paul’s comeback, especially his grudge match against Dillon Danis. Transitioning from a jiu-jitsu champion to an MMA star, Danis’s duel with Paul was considered one of the highlights of the evening.

Dillon Danis’ Previous Arrest

This isn’t the first time Danis has made headlines for reasons outside the ring. Two years ago, he faced a similar situation, being arrested outside a bar in Seaside Heights, N.J., for disorderly conduct.

Details of the Recent Arrest

In the recent event, Danis was taken into custody for creating a disturbance. As per the records, the police witnessed this disruption, leading to his subsequent arrest.

Connection to Conor McGregor

Danis’s arrest might also affect his close association with MMA superstar Conor McGregor, considering their training partnership and deep-rooted friendship.

Chance’s Involvement

During the bar altercation, Danis was reportedly choked out by a bouncer named Chance. Interestingly, Logan Paul, in a mind game tactic, later hired Chance for his fight preparations.

Legal Proceedings

Danis’s arrest wasn’t just tabloid fodder. Legal implications followed, and as per court records, police witnessed the disturbance. The date for his court appearance remains awaited.

Dillon Danis’s Background

Originating from the United States, Dillon Danis has carved a niche for himself in the Welterweight division of Bellator MMA, steadily building a name in the combat sports world.

Clearing Misconceptions

Contrary to some reports, Dillon Danis’s comments regarding TV star Chris Hansen’s arrest for tax evasion were found to be inaccurate. Hansen’s arrest in January 2019 related to a different incident in 2017.

‘Revenge Porn’ Lawsuit

Outside the ring, Danis is grappling with a ‘revenge porn’ lawsuit. This legal challenge alleges a cyber harassment campaign led by the fighter, creating another layer to his complex public image.


The arrest of Dillon Danis has undeniably stirred the pot, impacting the KSI vs Tommy Fury and Logan Paul undercard. As the events unfold, fans are urged to stay tuned for the latest updates on this developing story.


Was this Dillon Danis’s first arrest?
No, he was arrested two years ago for a similar reason outside a bar.

Who is Dillon Danis?
He is an American mixed martial artist competing in the Welterweight division of Bellator MMA.

Was Dillon Danis’s fight on the undercard canceled due to his arrest?
Yes, his scheduled ‘surprise fight’ on the undercard was canceled following his arrest.

Who is Chance in relation to Dillon Danis’s recent arrest?
Chance is the bouncer who reportedly choked out Danis during the bar altercation.

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