Are Shannon and John Still Together? Unveiling Their RHOC Romance Current Status

Are Shannon And John Still Together

In light of recent events, many fans of the Real Housewives of Orange County (RHOC) have been asking, “are Shannon and John still together?” The short answer is no. As of January 2023, Shannon Beador confirmed that her relationship with John Janssen ended in November 2022. Their relationship, which garnered significant attention on RHOC for three seasons, culminated in a breakup that left many fans and viewers surprised.

  1. Summary of “are shannon and john still together”
  2. Shannon and John’s RHOC Journey
  3. The Breakup Revelation
  4. The Shocking Details
  5. The Timeline of the Breakup
  6. Platonic Relationship
  7. Speculations and Rumors
  8. Conclusion

Diving deeper into their journey and the subsequent events sheds more light on this couple’s whirlwind romance and its abrupt conclusion.

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Summary of “are shannon and john still together”

Key PointsDetails
Relationship StatusNot together as of 2023
Beginning of Relationship2019
Featured on RHOC2019 to 2021 (3 seasons)
Breakup DateNovember 2022
Shannon’s RevelationJanuary 2023
Post Breakup StatusPlatonic friends

Shannon and John’s RHOC Journey

When Shannon and John started dating in 2019, their budding romance quickly became one of RHOC’s major storylines. On-screen, they openly shared both their highs and lows, painting a picture of a bond that seemed to weather any storm. This transparency made their breakup all the more shocking for many viewers.

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Their journey on RHOC showcased a couple deeply connected, navigating the ups and downs of their relationship, often emerging stronger despite the challenges.

The Breakup Revelation

January 2023 marked a somber moment for fans when Shannon confirmed in a People magazine interview that John had ended their relationship the previous November. This revelation came merely a week after RHOC Season 17’s production had wrapped up. Shannon’s own words echoed her surprise and pain, admitting she felt “blindsided” by John’s decision.

The Shocking Details

For devoted Bravo fans and RHOC viewers, the news of Shannon and John’s split was a hard pill to swallow. Their on-screen chemistry and Shannon’s admission of feeling blindsided raised several eyebrows and fueled conversations across fan forums.

The Timeline of the Breakup

To provide a clearer picture of their relationship’s trajectory, here’s a succinct timeline:

  • 2019: The duo commences their dating journey.
  • 2020: Their love story unfolds on RHOC Season 15.
  • 2021: Fans continue to follow their relationship in RHOC Season 16.
  • November 2022: John decides to end the relationship.
  • January 2023: Shannon publicly acknowledges their split.

Platonic Relationship

In the aftermath of their breakup, Shannon has repeatedly mentioned that they continue to share moments together. However, their current rapport is confined strictly to a platonic nature, debunking any reconciliation rumors.

Speculations and Rumors

Post their breakup, the rumor mill went into overdrive. Some whispered about John’s reluctance towards marriage as the potential breakup catalyst. Others felt that Shannon might not be revealing the complete truth behind their split. In the midst of these speculations, what remains clear is that both have chosen to move forward in their separate lives.


While Shannon and John’s romantic chapter has closed, they remain in each other’s lives as friends. Their relationship’s trajectory, from its RHOC showcase to its unexpected ending, has been a rollercoaster for both the couple and their fans. As the dust settles, one thing is certain: their story will continue to intrigue Bravo aficionados for quite some time.


Did Shannon and John’s relationship feature on RHOC?
Yes, their relationship was prominently featured for three seasons.

When did John and Shannon break up?
John broke up with Shannon in November 2022.

How did Shannon react to the breakup?
Shannon felt “blindsided” by the breakup and acknowledged it publicly in January 2023.

Are Shannon and John currently together?
No, they remain friends but their relationship is strictly platonic.

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