9 Best Free SERP Checker Tools In (2024) 

9 Best Free SERP Checker Tools In (2024) 

It is an all-in-one ranking tracker suite that offers an all-in-one solution for tracking your keyword positions. Unlike other tools, it provides

9 Best Free Serp Checker Tools In (2024) 
9 Best Free Serp Checker Tools In (2024)
  1. Zotrex
  2. smrash
  3. Website checker
  4. Ahrefs
  5. erforb
  6. SpySERP
  7. AccuRanker
  8. Seerwatch
  9. robot syrup


1. Zutrix 

It is an all-in-one ranking tracker suite that offers an all-in-one solution for tracking your keyword positions. Unlike other tools, Zutrix provides ultimate simplicity and accuracy by incorporating AI-powered features. You will not need any additional tools for different components.

Some of the features offered by Zutrix include:


  • Track keyword positions on Google
  • Real time notifications
  • White label reports
  • Keyword analysis
  • Keyword recommendations
  • Keyword planner
  • AI-powered accuracy in search results
  • Integration with Google Search Console
  • Report the post through unique links
  • Daily reports via email, and many more.


2. Semrush

 It is another powerful free SERP tracking solution that helps you monitor your performance on Google search engine results. It also helps you discover new opportunities to boost your online presence. This free tool excels at providing insights about featured snippets, info cards, and local packages.

Visit the site:

With updated results, Semrush offers comprehensive reports to track your marketing campaigns, allowing you to identify the best keywords to win Google Featured Snippets. Not only do these reports track your overall performance on search engines, but they also provide insights to help you make smart improvements. By staying informed about trends and search terms on a daily basis, you can take timely actions in response to any changes.

3. Site checker 

It offers a Keyword Rank Checker, which allows website owners to examine various SEO metrics, such as keyword rank, volume by keyword, language, CPC (cost per click), and level of competition within Google Ads. This tool also provides tips on optimizing blog URLs to improve SEO results.

Visit the site:  Sitechecker

Sitechecker’s free keyword rank checker allows you to compare your ranking to that of your competitors. It also helps you identify countries that direct traffic to their websites. Armed with this information, improving your blog’s ranking becomes much simpler. In addition, the backlink checker is a very useful tool for effective blog promotion. While you can access your website rankings and others for free, more comprehensive features are available with the monthly plans: Basic ($29/month), Startup ($49/month), and Grow ($99/month).

4. Ahrefs

Offers a limited free version to analyze SERP and website rankings for your targeted keywords. It allows you to view the top three ranked websites for free.

Visit the site:  Ahrefs

Unlike other tools, Ahrefs provides several free SEO tools to easily evaluate your website performance. To view the full results of your search, you can sign up for a 7-day free trial or opt for the paid versions to improve your SEO strategies in an organized way. However, tracking them only allows for single keyword ranking searches; Multiple entries are not available for ranking keywords.

5. Arforbes 

It is an excellent alternative SERP Rank Checker tool for the top 50 rankings for any keyword. It allows you to track your keywords for unlimited domains at no cost.

Visit the site:  ARFORBES

With this ranking checker, you can keep track of your keywords without having to sign up. Aprovid  ARFORBES is  an exclusive opportunity for unlimited keyword tracking, surpassing other tools in terms of tracking SERP features, your site and the competition.

6. SpySERP 

Makes it easy to check your SERP results on Google, Bing, Yandex or Yahoo. You can select a specific browser to see the results.

Visit the site:  SpySERP

By choosing the device, you can compare website rankings between desktop and mobile versions on different sites. SpySERP provides reports for both desktop and mobile, allowing you to identify any rating discrepancies and take immediate action to improve them. The tool also offers the ability to search for user language, and provide advanced reporting for your platform.

7. AccuRanker

 It offers the best search results as they appear on Google, which makes it an excellent choice for a primary SERP tracking software. The free version allows you to perform up to 5 searches per day, display ads, local results, and search results.

Visit  the AccuRanker website

This ranking checker tool provides insights into the differences between mobile and desktop rankings, which aids in your analysis of search performance.

8. Seerwatch

 It is an advanced rank tracker that provides deep insights and workflow optimization. It distinguishes itself by means of sophisticated image recognition systems. SerpWatch displays exactly where your website’s domain ranks for the keywords you enter into the validator.

Visit the site:  SerpWatch

The free version of SerpWatch allows a maximum of 5 keyword analyzes per day for your website. For more comprehensive details about the tool and SERP results, registration is required.

9. SerpRobot 

is one of the smartest ways to track your website’s visibility for free on your desktop, mobile phone or tablet from anywhere. An easy-to-use dashboard monitors your online presence and tracks the performance of your keywords.

Visit the site:  SerpRobot

Accurate SERP tracking is the heart of any SEO project. SerpRobot helps you monitor your keyword performance across all devices and websites. It integrates all data related to SEO, including ranking data, most traffic based keywords, competitor insights, and more. Because SerpRobot keeps all the information up to date, you can track your performance in real time and make smarter decisions.

In conclusion, selecting the right keywords improves click-through rates (CTRs) and search engine rankings, making your website more visible on SERPs. These SERP checker tools help you bridge the keyword gap with your competitors and achieve higher rankings on specific browsers for your business.